Advantages of Utilizing Concrete Pumps for Residential Projects 

Most individuals are used to witnessing concrete pump trucks on big commercial jobs. The additional expenses related to line pumps and boom pumps are figured into the bid totals proposed by the concrete companies. The truth is that placing concrete will be mostly not possible without the use of concrete pumping gears. This is especially true with huge buildings. 

Concrete Pumps

You may not see a pump truck utilized a lot in residential projects. Budgets for construction assign less cash for associated expenses to placement of sidewalks, slabs, and driveways. Almost all residential concrete companies feel the mixer truck could go anywhere to apply concrete. 

This is true, normally. But, concrete isn’t always applied under several situations such as packed, hard, and dry soil. 

There are several great reasons to utilize a line pump or boom pump to apply cement in a residential project. 

Faster Placement 

You don’t have to keep moving the concrete trucks around the footing’s or slab’s edge. An operator of the pump truck with a unit handled by a remote control could move the boom everywhere to apply the cement as required.  

Ease of Placement 

Wheelbarrows are not required. You will not have to use a rake to drag the cement six up to seven feet from the point of discharge of the truck chute.  

Prevent Getting Stuck in Soft Ground 

Nobody likes to spend around $400 up to $500 for a tow truck just to pull out a concrete mixer that is stuck. Oftentimes, the ground is very muddy and soft that even the tow truck gets stick. When this situation comes, you will need to hire a unique and a very expensive tow truck to remove everyone from that muddy situation. You would not want to spend more money than you have expected.  

Tall Residential Walls 

Personalized built houses could have tall walls for privacy around the entire property. It could be nearly impossible to put cement into a very narrow wall that is higher than the chute of the truck. On the other hand, a concrete pump truck makes the pour quick and easy. It also minimizes the clutter of cement spilling over the wall forms’ sides.  

No Muddy Mess 

Mixer trucks would pick up plenty of mud and spread it all over the paved roads on adjacent highways and in the subdivision, even if it does not get stuck in the muddy ground. This situation isn’t great for public relations and you’ll be stuck having to hire a cleaning crew.

The advantages of concrete pumping service in residential projects usually come from the personal views of a professional, as well as the internet search for the websites of the pumping contractors. If you are not satisfied with the benefits, there are a lot of other benefits that aren’t listed in this article. 

Concrete manufacturers should think about associating with several concrete pumping contractors and contacting professional homebuilders, landscaping and asphalt contractors to sell the advantages of concrete pumping. This is very true for lots that are hard-to-reach.  

5 Responses to “Advantages of Utilizing Concrete Pumps for Residential Projects ”

  1. My husband and I are planning to add a concrete swimming pool to our backyard and we are thinking of hiring a concrete pumping service to do the job, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that a pump will make it much easier to place the cement and save time. Also, the fact that there will not be a mixer truck that creates a large mess in our yard is a huge benefit that I will make sure to share with my husband.

  2. Sherry Gajos says:

    I liked what you said about how using a concrete pump means you don’t have to keep moving the concrete truck around the slab’s edge. My dad is developing a commercial property he owns and is in discussions with various architects and construction companies right now to make the process efficient. Thank you for the information about how he could hire a concrete pump truck operator who could move the boom wherever the concrete was needed and pour.

  3. That is really cool that a concrete pump can be used instead of moving the concrete truck around the edge of the slab. A construction company would be smart to start using those to save time and money. I am sure that a truck that size would use a lot of fuel and take some maneuvering at a job site.

  4. That is really interesting that placing concrete really wouldn’t be possible without concrete pumping gears. Concrete pumping sounds like something that would be important in construction. Maybe that is something that construction crews would want to have for their projects.

  5. That is a good point that I wouldn’t have to drag cement up many feet from where it was discharged. Maybe it would be good to have something to do concrete pumping. If I were in construction, I would want to have concrete pumping to get the concrete right when I needed it.

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